Music Publishers’

MZKSZ presents hungarian music publishers

The HMPA is a social organisation (association), which currently has 12 music publishers based in Hungary as members. Our membership covers about 80% of the Hungarian music publishing sector.

The HMPA was founded in 1994, at a time when – after the economic and political regime change – the privatisation of the formerly state-owned music publishing industry was taking place and the subsidiaries of multinational companies were being established in Hungary, too.

Aims and activities

  • defending the professional and economic interests of its members, representing their common interests towards professional institutions, organisations and authorities
  • liaising with public, social and professional bodies dealing with the profession
  • liaising with the local collecting society (Artisjus)
  • active participation in the field of music publishing in the European Union with a view to legal harmonisation and unification
  • international representation of HMPA members
  • acting as a professional information and advice centre for members on publishing, distribution, national, community and international copyright issues;
  • the fight against illegal uses
  • representation of interests related to the sheet music trade